Significant errors with Movie Capture

Hi all,

Movie Capture in Create is not recording/saving settings from Create to the Farm. When setting up scenes, start/end frames are set to 0/0, the resolution to 2048x2048, and every time I send a scene to the Farm to render, the scene defaults back to start 0, end 48 frames and then adjust the resolution to 3640x2048.

After seeing this pattern many times, it seems the settings aren’t saved within the file, and a default render setting overrides upon rendering.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response, and I appreciate the insight.

I’ve committed to OV for a new venture and have considered it production-ready, bar this one item. Without saving customer render settings and leveraging the farm capabilities, getting renders out becomes a babysitting task.

Can you provide insight into either -

  • Timing on the new release when there is a resolution?
  • Advice on how to set up the settings on the farm? I’m not seeing any information in the documentation, nor the OV Agent Jobs Manager or Farm Dashboard.
    Thanks again for your help.

Hi Brett,
Yes I will look into this for you and do some testing on our own Farm and see what I find. Thanks.