Silent installation with return code 1

Hello together, I will prepare a driver package via HEAT DSM to install our graphic cards. I use the following command for installation:

setup.exe -s -noreboot -clean

If I install above an old installation, I will get return code 0. If I install with no old installation, I will get return code 1.

Extract from the logfile:

09:53:23.099 2 nilsPipe: NPI: Waiting for process…
09:54:04.383 1 nilsPipe: Service var bridge: Setting var _check to 1
09:54:04.383 1 Reverted state of Wow64 file system redirection

09:54:04.383 2 -> ExitProcEx(Failed,‘Installation failed with return:1’)
09:54:04.383 2 New last error from script command is 1627 (0x0000065b)
09:54:04.383 2 Resolved new last error from script command is: Beim Ausführen der Funktion ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.
09:54:04.383 2 ER: Creating event manager
09:54:04.383 1 ER: file name is C:\Program Files (x86)\NetInst\ExR\Event.erl
09:54:04.383 1 ER: user name is Admin
09:54:04.383 1 Logging up ExR event 3003 (0x00000bbb)
09:54:04.383 0 Check if sending data is on: ExrClientOptions.ExrSendingActivated

I don’t know what is the problem. It’s irrelevant if I get return code 1, the installation after the reboot is completed and the driver is installed correctly. I am interested in find a solution for why I will get return code 1 and why comes the error message 1627 at the logfile?

Thank you in advance for support!

Kind regards, Stefan