Silverlight acceleration in XenDesktop via vDGA

XenDesktop 7.1 using vSphere vDGA and a K2. Setup per the reviewer’s guide. I can confirm general graphics acceleration via HDX MOnitor showing HDX3D Pro as well as 1080p youtube, etc. However, I cannot get a compiled Silverlight application to accelerate. Performance on an unremarkable yet physical PC is much improved. The Silverlight configuration utility did not show the option to use hardware acceleration as checked. Several attempts to check the box unsucessful. Directly editing the registry allowed the box to remain checked but made no difference in behavior. The application is a compiled (and closed-source) silverlight application, an .xap, running outside of the browser and called directly with slauncher.exe. Any feedback on proper acceleration of a Silverlight application would be appreciated.

Which browser are you using?

FYI - Internet Explorer will disable all HW acceleration when running in a virtual environment and so you would probably need to try another browser as I believe Silverlight will inherit this setting from the browser.