Simple Fog at night time RTX real-time scene

I am playing with scary dark lighting setup.
See I have a basic setup here:

If add a Fog with settings:

…then I get all the backround full of that fog. I can barely see the hdri image at my dome light…

I do not want that, I just want to have a low haze at ground level, mist kind of blue fog. How can I do this?

I know that path-traced fog is magical but I cannot use it since rendering animations is very slow if you do not want to see the noise on fog…

Ok I got some kind of solution adjusted for this. Basically I raised the intensity of hdri dome light, so I could see the night skyline behind the fog:

Fog settings are:

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Thanks for sharing the settings and the idea of increasing the intensity of the dome. This week I hope to do more rendering tests, to find a balance between speed and quality.

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Antoni, so good to her this.
We have to share our balanced settings to everyone here!

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Of course, I will search and share the best results for everyone. Now I am reading all your posts and updating myself with the problems that have arisen.