Simple Matrix - Vector Multiplication

CUDA C programming language with a matrix * vector multiplication needs to write a program that is simple and straightforward.
No i do not know about Cuda.
I do not know where to begin.
I want to learn the source code and documentation for me to write this program.

(Post I looked at other titles, but came to very complex. You need a program to me simple and understandable.
Can I write this program going into detail about the Cuda? )

I can’t undestand your English. However you can always look at available library such as CUSP

Look for the example code, there is one with SpMV.

I think that CUDA Programming Guide in section 3.2.3 shows usage of shared memory on similar problem (there is matrix-matrix multiplication but a vector can be, in this case, considered a single row/column matrix).


The CUDA C Programming Guide that cmaster.matso linked to is also the relevant material to learn CUDA programming in general.