Simple Push Button Script (python)

I am having troubles creating a push button script for the jetson tk1

Firstly when i try this:

from sysfs.GPIO import GPIOController

I get the error that there is no module for GPIOController

I am struggling to get a start. there doesnt seem to be much documentation on creating python scripts.
I can create a push button script with the raspberry pi so i assumed it would be easy to do the same here.

Thanks for any and all help! :)


I’d probably start with one of the projects on the eLinux wiki or, then adapt the code you put together to Python.

One (or more) of these is probably a good place to start:

Thanks cslotts for the reply!

I am a newbie to gpios and python so i obviously need to do more research

However i have turned my attention to getting world of warcraft on the jetson and if i fail at that ill probably return the jetson to microcenter

Thanks for the help its very much appr3ciated


Yeah… WoW probably won’t run that well (if it runs at all) since it’ll need to be emulated and I’m pretty sure they don’t have an ARM port.

I was trying to use wine in a virtual machine (exagear desktop) but i got a multitude of errors. I think ill stick to tinkering with other things