Simple questions about nvargus-daemon


I’m developing an multi camera application using jetson and argus api.
sometimes when the app is bugging, I restart the nvargus-daemon. because it seems it is re-initiate the camera so that I can use it from the clean status.

Q1. Can I use “service nvargus-daemon restart” as many as I want?
for example in can I run this script whenever my app is starting and terminating to minimise any unexpected freezing of the camera?
ex) service nvargus-daemon restart; my_app

Q2. where can I find the argus log?
I used the nvidia multimedia api example to utilise the camera. and when I run my app, nvargus-daemon is also running on the background.
I know I can see the log when I use nvargus-daemon in the terminal, but in my case how can I dump the log?

Thank you.

hello jahwan.oh,

>> Q1
nvargus-daemon is camera service, it may restart on failure.

here’re couple of approaches to obtain nvargus-daemon logs.
for instance,
(1) you may configure below settings on the target, by putting nvargus-daemon in the foreground, and populate the logs to text file simultaneously.
$ sudo su
# pkill nvargus-daemon
# nvargus-daemon 2>&1 | tee argus-output.log
(2) since nvargus-daemon by default writes to syslog. you may running below to collect nvargus-daemon logs.
$ sudo journalctl -b -u nvargus-daemon

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thank you for the quick support !

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