Simple vma_stat test not working.


I’m trying to get offloading stats for a simple packet capture. libvma looks fine.


VMA INFO: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

VMA INFO: VMA_VERSION: 8.8.1-0 Development Snapshot built on Jan 28 2019 12:31:22

VMA INFO: Cmd Line: tcpdump -vvv --time-stamp-precision=nano -j adapter_unsynced -i enp101s0f1 -n multicast

VMA INFO: Current Time: Tue Jan 29 15:29:24 2019

VMA INFO: Pid: 17072

VMA INFO: OFED Version: mlnx-en-4.4-

VMA INFO: Architecture: x86_64


I attempted to use the simplest method using the PID:


$vma_stats -p 17072

vmastat: VMA statistics data for process id 17072 not found


If I strace that, it is looking for /tmp/vmastat.$PID which doesn’t exists.

What do I miss? Is vmad + configuration necessary for this simple use case?



VMA is for TCP/IP latency related communications and not for tcpdump. Could you check it using ‘sockperf’ or ‘iperf’ application?