simpled3d9 flagged as adware/virus by avast

Hi all,

don’t know if anyone of you experienced this, but on my vista comp the avast on-access scanner flags the simpled3d9 demo exe as adware (Win32:vapsup-FO). I don’t see anything wrong with the demo and I have no clue what causes it to give this warning, but I thought I’d mention it.

Best regards, Bart.

p.s. probably obvious, but I use the 2.0 beta sdk on my vista comp.

hi! avast is bad program. panda w/ newest version was scanning and not found virus. :)

:) Okay, thanks for the tip. I merely mentioned it because I wanted to run the app and I couldn’t. I had not noticed the avast warning before, so I had no clue why it wouldn’t let me run the app. If anyone gets something like this where they are not able to even start the app and don’t know why, in case you have avast, it might be under quarantine.