simpleGL unspecified driver error on Precision 690

I tried to reply to this topic in an older post, but I have not seen it bump up to the top, so I was pretty sure no one was going to look at it.

We just installed an 8800 card in our lab on a Dell Precision 690 with dual, 64-bit quad core processors (3.2 GHz) and 4GB RAM. I then tried running some of the sample projects with mixed success.

When I ran bitonic sort in release mode, it said it failed. When I ran it in debug mode, it threw an unspecified driver error on this line in main:

CUDA_SAFE_CALL(cudaMalloc((void**)&dvalues, sizeof(int) * NUM));

Mostly I’ve been trying to get simpleGL working, with no success. In release mode, it will launch and display one red dot in the middle of the screen. In debug mode, it will also get an unspecified driver error, this time on line 221 which is in createVBO:


In both cases, the first line to give me problems is the first time a CUDA_SAFE_CALL is made. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

By the way, in emulation mode all of these programs work fine. So I’m pretty sure I have the environment set up correctly.


We figured out that the source of this problem was that out machine was 64-bit, which we found out somewhere is unsupported.

We also discovered something interesting about dual displays, which may or may not be posted elsewhere. When I first tried to run simpleGL on a dual display 32-bit machine, the window wouldn’t pop up and in debug mode it gave an unspecified driver error. However, when we disabled one of the two displays, simpleGL worked perfectly. This might help people who are having problems in XP.

Anyone know why this is the case? Is it too much strain on the 8800 to run dual displays and CUDA programs? Perhaps it’s related to the Watchdog.