Simulate Hydraulic Cylinder


I want to simulate a hydraulic cylinder. So it is a tranlation with a speed according to the given volume flow rate of the hydraulic system. So if the volume flow rate is Q and the piston area is A the piston velocity is Q/A. I tried to model this with help of a 6D Joint and a drive in the x axis. But I don’t know how I should configure the drive to get a realistic result.
Do you have an idea how I can model that?

Read the manual
Study the tutorials
Lock the motions of the dof’s that must be fixed
Unlock the dof you want
Set the drive:
jointdesc. x/y/zDrive.driveType.raiseFlagMask(NX_D6JOINT_DRIVE_VELOCITY);
jointdesc. x/y/zDrive.driveType.raiseFlagMask(NX_D6JOINT_DRIVE_POSITION);
jointdesc. driveLinearVelocity = NxVec3(x,y,z); // x, y or z = Q/A the others are 0.0
jointdesc. x/y/zDrive.damping = actuationstiffness;
jointdesc. x/y/zDrive. spring = 0.0;
jointdesc.x/y/zDrive.forceLimit = maxforce;
loadthe joint from the desc to scene