Simulate Jetson device on cloud using EC2 G5g

Hi, I have two questions.
I want to use EC2 G5g for simulating Jetson device (in my case AGX Orin), is there are limitation of doing so?
For EC2 G5g, which type of Deepstream should i use: dGPU or Jetson?


I didn’t see such a use case but I think there may be problems. Jetson has specific hardware accelerators which may not be “simulated” in EC2 G5g.

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@vitalii.vovk7 Please consult Amazon for its production.

Thanks for replies!
I want to use G5g for CI/CD for testing after commits.
One more question:
What Deepstream version should I use for G5g instance? It has ARM CPU, so I thought it should be jetson version, but it has T4 GPU, which is dGPU.

DeepStream SDK does not support ARM server now. The feature is in our roadmap.

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Thanks for answer!

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