Simulated IMU Data in isaac-sim using ros2

I want to collect the simulated data (camera, imu) using ros2 in isaac simulator.

My isaac sim version is '2021.2.1’ release.

But i can’t subscribe the imu topic using ros2 in isaac simulator.

  1. Does this version (2021.2.1 release) support ros2-based imu sensor?

And i heard that 2022.1 version can use imu sensor using ros2.
So I also followed the tutorial ‘ROS2 Multiple robot navigation’ in isaac sim 2022.1 version.
And i could get the odom topic ( included pose & twist(linear, angular velocity ) like below figure.

  1. By any change, The twist information in odom topic is the imu sensor data of robot ?

Thank you!

I counter the same question that i can’t use imu date in the isaac sim.
Have you got the answer of the question?
Thank you!

Hello @phr0201 and @1300802319,

Our new release coming at the end of this month will have ROS IMU publishers that you can use with the IMU sensor.

At the moment the only way to publish IMU data is to interface with the Isaac Sensor Python API (learn more about the IMU sensor here) and manually publishing the data in standalone workflow. From the standalone workflow I would suggest taking a look at the Carter Stereo example to see how we can manually publish ROS2 messages. You can then work on top of the provided Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation example to add your ROS2 IMU publisher.

The Odometry publisher (which includes the Twist message) publishes ground truth pose (w.r.t start position) as well as ground truth linear and angular velocities of the robot. The IMU sensor however provides simulated data for linear acceleration and angular velocity.

If your end goal is to obtain linear velocity by integrating the simulated linear acceleration (which will be prone to integrating errors over time) then you would need to setup an IMU publisher as mentioned above and configure the integration. If you are okay with using ground truth linear and angular velocity then subscribing to the Odometry message will do the trick as you mentioned!

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