Simulated IMU data in isaac-sim


Is there simulated IMU data in isaac-sim?



Although IsaacSim doesn’t have an explicit model of an IMU device, the user can calculate acceleration from the ground-truth velocity and angular velocity data available from the simulator. We intend to add an IMU device model in a future release. Would you please share your thoughts on the requirements for an IMU device model? What form of data would you like to see?


Thanks for the prompt response.

I’m looking for a simulated accelerometer and gyro sensor.
Is this something that is possible to simulate in Isaac?

Really appreciate the help.


It could be modeled in the Python, but bear in mind that if you are trying to control a drone or something similar with a gyro, in real life the sensor / control upate frequency would be pretty high, probably 100s of Hz, not the typical sim-world framerate of 30FPS. In the future we will be exposing user control over sub-stepping sensors and physics to make this type of simulation possible.

But if you are happy with accelerometer / gyro response at the main frame rate, you can model this in Python by querying once per frame the state of a rigid body to which the sensor is attached, and calculating the accelerations from the velocity changes.

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I’m working with on a simple navigation robot so the high update frequency would not be a problem.

if you don’t mind one more question, how would i go about reading the “state of a rigid body to which the sensor is attached” in the python script?

this might me a really simple thing but i’m new to isaac-sim lol
appreciate any pointers.



You can use the Dynamic Control extension to do that. Also you can inspect the physics of the object…

Maybe this post could help…

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