Simulation of robot in a large envvironment


I would like to simulate my robot (mobile vehicle) in a large environment such as a mining site. Unfortunately, if I import the environment and assign it as a Rigid body, the simulator shut down due to memory overload. Could you please provide an approach to how to simulate a robot in such an environment (for example, the rea is equal to 2 km2)?

Hey, I generate and run large environments without issues. Do you import the whole mining site a single mesh? How big is your mesh?

Yes, I imported the environment as a single mesh file (FBX). The parameters are the followings:

What I usually do is cut my maps into chunks using VTK like so:

On the reconstructed map you can see this grid that comes from the spliting of the mesh into smaller meshes of at most 50x50meters. When I do that I have no issues. I never tried with a big mesh directly. I guess you would have a lot of tunning to do get the collision right with a big mesh.

Thanks, I will try that.