Simulation played only one time?

I play around with old attic scene, there is nice simulation of ball rolling and bricks falling.
But saw it only one time, playing the scene from sequencer window.
If I rewind and play it again, the simulation is not playing… The ball is at the floor where it ended up.

How can I make the simulation to start again?


This problem still exists.

Could not reproduce this myself. As a general rule, there are two main reasons that physics meshes will not “reset” to their original position.

  1. If the timeline is looping, or you went back to the start frame by dragging the timeline or hitting back buttons, physics will not reset. The only way to make them reset is by hitting “stop.”

  2. If you save the stage without hitting stop, the physics objects will be saved with the transforms they had at the time you saved. In this case if you were using a local copy of the attic stage you may want to reload it from the NVIDIA mount.

If neither of those things help let us know, there may be a problem with your install, and the engineers will ask for logs.

Nice, pressing STOP was the solution.