Simultaneous multi projection for multiple shadow maps?

I am trying to use simultaneous multi projection (from VRWorks DX12, on a GTX 1080) to render many orthographic shadow maps for different directional light sources (at different angles). Is this possible? I think it might not be because maybe all the projections have to have the same camera position/center of projection, as is the case with multi-resolution or lens matched modes. Then again, there is also a mode for rendering both eyes of VR at once, right?

Is it possible to render 16 shadow maps from different orthographic projections onto a single simultaneous multi projection?

Answering my own question:

It is not possible to do this with multi res or lens matched shading, but it is working with Single-pass stereo. However I’m 90% sure you can only render two scenes at once with single pass stereo, not many, but it is still about 10% faster than individual rendering.