Simultaneous support for Optical flow accelerator and NVEnc

I am trying to determine if the NVidia Quadro A4000 (Ampere generation), supports optical flow acceleration with a dedicated hardware block, or if it consumes the NVEnc block in that process.

The A4000 has 1 NVEnc and 1 NVDec unit, but I see no slides or official notes which say that it has a NvOFA (nvidia optical flow accelerator) unlink A100, A30 or Jetsons Xaviers.

On the other hand there are following links:

On some of the links it says that all GPUs Turing and above support, support optical flow hardware.

On the last link it says that Ampere optical flow is more fine grained and no longer is shared with NVEnc (so I assume I can encode H.265 in parallel with Optical flow calculation).
Is that for all Amperes? Or did they only mean the data center GPUs (A100, A30,…) and the desktop ones like A4000 would still consume the NVEnc?

Thanks for the help

Hello @nunduniel ,

I confirmed with our HW experts that all Ampere generation GPUs have a dedicated NVOFA engine, in case of A4000 this is one unit.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response.
Just to make sure:
Dedicated HW means that NVEnc is still available to do HEVC encoding at the same time like we do optical flow processing.
Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.

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