Simultaneously Read Multiple Sensors at the Same Time

I believe most of the people will use Jetson Nano to integrate with multiple sensors or multiple components in different applications, such as robot car, get signal profile, etc. In such applications, reading speed is one of our main concern. However, in most of the coding I have look on the Internet, sensors were read in series whereby each sensor was read at a time. I would like to ask is it possible for us to read multiple I2C sensors simultaneously at the same time?

hello khang1994,

  1. may I know what’s your use-case? is your capture request timing of each camera sensors should be synchronize?

  2. also, may I know how many camera sensors you would like to working with simultaneously?
    please also refer to Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, and check the [MIPI CSI (Video Input)] chapter for the CSI camera configurations.

  3. please refer to Multimedia API Sample Applications to demonstrate how to access multiple cameras.
    please check [13_multi_camera] for the reference to use the multi-session feature in libargus to capture several cameras simultaneously.


My use case is to use sensors to measure machine process movement speed through I2C distance sensors. The sensor reading will be used for study purposes to understand the entire system. In my application, I don’t use any camera module. Thus, my concern is, is there possible to read these two or more sensors at the same time?

hello khang1994,

if I understanding correctly, distance sensors were passive devices which looking for electromagnetic changes to return a signal.
you may have some implementation to monitor these interrupts, in theory, it’ll reading data at the same time.