Simultaneously viewing an inferenced camera feed while saving inferenced video

How might one go about inferencing a camera feed and saving a video result of said inferencing to a video?

I’ve seen a few solutions for viewing with overlay in a display and then having the raw video saved but I’m wondering is there a way to view the overlay in a display and then have a saved video with the overlay included.

We suggest use deepstream-app. You can enable multiple sinks in config file. For your use-case, you can enable [sink0] for overlay and [sink1] to save to a video file. Please check
NVIDIA Metropolis Documentation

would there be any way to do this using jetson inference and utils? in other words, in jetson utils can I have more than one video output?
for instance if I did:

display = jetson.utils.videoOutput("display://0")
outFile = jetson.utils.videoOutput("video.mp4")

Hi @takice2328, jetson.utils.videoOutput will automatically make a display://0 output in addition to the primary output. So if you encode it to video file, you should also see it display on screen.

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