Since 2022 version - Error: Failed to create change watch - No space left on device

Hi, I get the following error when I turn on my extension (that I wrote for 2021 version):

2022-06-20 09:23:08 [22,975ms] [Error] [carb] Failed to create change watch for `SOME PATH/isaac_projects/multiview_object_extension/com/example/app/scripts`: errno=28, No space left on device

The error did not happen before. I have 300 GB left on the hard drive, and 2x RTX 3080 GPUs which should hopefully be sufficient, right? Is it ignorable? Would it affect the code change detection?

@ucabds6 in order to fix this error you need to increase the number of Inotify watchers in ubuntu

Here is one possible set of steps to do so:

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