Single IMX274 Camera Stream Issues

I am trying to get a single CSI2 x4 IMX274 camera from leopard imaging working on the Xavier. I have merged in their patches to my kernel/dts and everything seems to be setup right but I cannot use the camera. When I run either nvgstcapture or gstreamer with nvarguscamerasrc I get this error:

execute:379 No Cameras Available

My IMX274 driver is loaded and I have a /dev/video0. My VI/CSI/Sensor links all appear to be connected properly via media-ctl -p.

How do you get the nvargus-daemon to detect the camera?!

It’s could be the device tree have problem.
Try use DTB from Leopard with your kernel Image to verify and find the root cause.

I am not able to use their device tree, this is for our custom carrier which requires its own device tree in order to work.

Where does the nvargus-daemon specifically look for cameras?

From the platform-tegra-camera

I have it working, Thanks! I had to add status=“okay”; to the module nodes

@pnewmanCTI I am having the same issue where I cannot use nvarguscamerasrc.

Can you explain where you added status=“okay”; to your nodes? Is it the camera-modules imx274 dtsi?