Singularity image?

Hi, I just received a license key for the 90-day COVID research Parabricks package. We have a multi-user cluster on which we run Singularity rather than Docker containers, due to security issues. Is it possible to get Parabricks as a Singularity container? Or would you recommend that I try to build a Singularity container from the provided Docker image myself?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello Susan,

Glad to hear you’ve received the 90-day COVID Parabricks package and we certainly appreciate your work to advance this research. For Singularity; you have a few options:

1 - If you have docker image of Parabricks, the Singularity container will be created using this image and so you won’t need sudo access.
2 - If the Singularity container will be created using the definition file than you need sudo access. If you need to use singularity but the machine you want to use does not have Docker and you do not have sudo access, the thing that can be done, is a local installation on another machine where you have sudo access and Singularity 3 or above installed. Follow for that the instructions provided at , or for convenience, as follows:

# 1- Log in to a machine with sudo access and singularity 3.0 or higher.

# 2- To download the software:

$ wget -O parabricks. tar .gz " < DOWNLOAD_LINK > "

# 3- Unzip the package

$ tar -xvzf parabricks. tar .gz

# 4- Do a local installation:$ mkdir localdir

$ sudo . /parabricks/installer .py -- install -location localdir --container singularity

# 5- Everything will be installed in localdir/parabricks folder. Tar this folder.

$ cd localdir

$ tar -cvzf parabricks_install. tar .gz parabricks

# 6- and copy it to the node which will be used for testing and has singularity v3.x.

# 7- Untar the tar.gz file in some <INSTALL_DIR>$ cd <INSTALL_DIR>

$ tar -xvzf parabricks_install. tar .gz