Sink Blurriness

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) Jetson Nano
• DeepStream Version 5.1
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only) 4.5.1


My issue is a very high-level one as I fail to understand what Sink actually is or does. I tried reading about this on the forum and documentation but it’s still blurry.
I am using the deepstream-occupancy-analytics app, it has 3 sinks. My questions are:
1-What does sink do?
2-How to know how many sinks to use?
3-Does the number of sinks depend on the number of sources?
4-Which role does the type Fakesink in making the application run without displaying the frames on the jetson GUI?


sink should be used in the end of pipeline. fakesink will discard all input buffer without any process.

Hey @kesong, thanks for the reply.
if I have more than one source, how does that affect the number of sinks I should have in my test5 config file.

It depends on pipeline.

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