SIPL: Output differences between ISP0 and ISP1

Please provide the following info:
Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
SDK Manager Version:

Hi all,

We have been working with NvMedia for a while and we use NvSIPL framework to capture from our cameras, Sony IMX390.

We enabled ISP0 to output NV12 in the multimedia application, we also applied a camera_overrides.isp file that improved the color output from the ISP0.

Currently, our application requires the ISP1 to get RGBA images from the same sensor, we already enabled both ISP devices but we are getting really dark images from ISP1.

Please, see below image from ISP1 output (RGBA):

We decided to test the RGBA output from ISP0 and we got the next image:

As you can see, the RGBA output from ISP0 has better brightness and white-balance definition than the ISP1 version.

We modified the camera_overrides.isp file to get brighter images but it only modified the output from ISP0:

We modified the property dae.EVCompensation to get the above image from ISP0, for ISP1 the output is still dark.

So, we have some questions regarding the ISP output:

  • Is there any configuration in the camera_overrides.isp file to improve the ISP1 output?

  • Are the dark images from ISP1 expected?

  • Is there a way to modify ISP1 to get similar output like ISP0?

We found this post about the differences from ISP0 and ISP1: What is the difference between ISP0 and ISP1 on nvsipl_camera?

Does it mean that the ISP1 is unable to provide images like ISP0?

We are confused about the possible limitations on ISP1 output, any information about how to solve this issue will be really helpful.

Our goal is to enable NV12 and RGBA output from both ISPs for a sensor but the dark images from ISP1 are a limitation for us.


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My I know your command for ISP0 RGBA output? Thanks!