siterc file


On our cluster, the head node is a P4 xeon and the compute nodes are P3 Xeon. Sometimes students forget to add -tp=piii on the compile line and their programs crash…

I wanted to use the siterc file to force a P3 compile on the P4 frontal. I don’t know which option to use. I think that one of the problems come from the SSE2 flags. Do you have a transparent solution?

The installation pdf gives some examples with siterc but more would be great.



Hi; thanks for a great question.
I’ve included below the lines you can add to a ‘siterc’ to make the default compile target be a Pentium III, instead of whatever the host machine is. Unfortunately, it’s not pretty, it just emulates what the ‘-tp piii’ switch would do. What we really want is a way to say “pretend such-and-such a switch appeared on the command line all the time” which would be easier to use, but we don’t have that yet. Anyway, create a siterc file, or add to the siterc file, the following lines:

emulate -tp piii

append CGARGS=-x 80 0x300 -y 80 0x1000;
set SSE=1;
set SSE2=;

The line with the # is a comment, and remember the semicolons.

-Michael Wolfe