Skeleton Animation in VR

I’m having issues with virtual humans and their animation in the VR scene at Omniverse XR.

The animation plays nicely in Omniverse XR, but once I press the “Start VR” button the human animation stops. The human still moves along its path but it seems the skeleton animation has stopped.

Is there a extension that I need to install? Skeleton and USD Animation I have checked and enabled.

I attached the USD files of a single human including the animation. “humans.usd” is the main usd file. the “character_female_0.usd” might need to be re-referenced.

character_female_0.usd (3.1 MB)
humans.usd (2.9 MB)

Thanks a lot! Best, Matthias

Workstation Specification:
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-Cores 3.5GHz
Windows 11 Pro
Omniverse XR 2022.2.0 -rel.1

Hello @helmreich! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.


We also encountered the same kind of issue in our Project and we feel the same issue.
We created skeltal animation by using recording feature of Omniverse Machinima and
applied to the models.

The animation works properly in Create XR but if we enable “Start VR”, animation
does not work. This occurs even if we select “SimulatedXR”.

We want to know this is issue or we can avoid by settings.
If this is issue, will it be fixed by next release or no.

Almost the same as helmreich-san.
We use Xeon 5222 and Windows 10.

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Masahiro Suzuoki

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Hi, I may find the kind of workaround.

If skelanimation is stored in USD file, animation does not work when we enable VR.
But if we save skelanimation data as USD file and refer from skelton, animation works.
So if we refere skelanimation data from outside, it looks it works.

  1. Animation works in VR

  2. Animation does not work in VR

I also attached sample files.

  • Attached File

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Masahiro Suzuoki

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