SketchUp Connector Installed on Wong (Older) Version of SketchUp

I downloaded and installed the SketchUp connector thinking it would find the latest version on my system (SketchUp Pro 2022). Instead, it installed on SketchUp Pro 2021 which is still on my system. For some reason I can’t uninstall 2021. How do I transfer the connector program files to SketchUp 2022?

Hello @rmaxey! Welcome to the Community! Let me check with the development team to see why this may have happened. I will post back when I have more information.

Sketchup 2022 support is coming soon. Look for updates on the launcher. When an update is available, please install it, it will update all supported versions of Sketchup that you have installed.

I am running into the same issue, folks! I have SketchUp 2020 and 2022 both installed on my PC. When I installed the Omniverse connector, it only installed in SketchUp 2020. Do you have a sense for the timeline to release SketchUp 2022 support?

Please try the following: In the Launcher, select Library from the top bar, then Connectors from the list on the left. The Trimble Sketchup should appear in the list of installed connectors, with the version number and the word “Installed”.

If you hover over Trimble Sketchup, a hamburger symbol will appear to the left the of word “Installed”. Click on the symbol and the word “Settings” will appear, Click on Settings.

A pop up will list all versions of the Sketchup connector that are installed, each with an “Uninstall” button. Please uninstall all versions. This should remove the connector for all versions of Sketchup that you have installed.

Next, go back to Launcher > Exchange, and reinstall the Sketchup connector. This should install the connector for all versions of Sketchup that you have installed (for versions 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022).

Do be aware that when you open Sketchup, the Omniverse toolbar may appear anywhere on your screen(s), and will only be visible when Sketchup is the active app. I recommend that you dock the toolbar to keep it always inside the Sketchup window, and visible.

Please let me know if this fixes the issue.

Does not work for me. SketchUp Pro 2022.

Was Sketchup running at the time of the install? Sketchup must be closed during install/uninstall actions.

An error was found. Please check back next week for an updated Sketchup install.

Sketchup 2022 support is available with version 108.1.552, which is now on the launcher
Please post if this solves the issue.