Sketchup Forze after publishing SKP into Omniverse

Installed the Sketchup connector and tried to open the SKP model in Create. After I clicked on the icon in the toolbar inside Sketchup, a webpage browser opened and asked for Omniverse username/password. I tried my nvidia username but didn’t work so I closed the browser but when I went back to Sketchup, the software was frozen. See attachment

Yes I understand. I think you need to just close everything out and start over, knowing your “LocalHost” username and password. Localhost is part of the local Nucleus server, required for using connectors and live workflow. You would have set up in the OV launcher for Nucleus. This is not your actual master ov account username and password.

If you have tried and really cannot remember you localhost log in details, the easiest thing to do is just delete Nuclues and re-download and re-install it. And write down your username and password.