SKP Layer Connector bug


I was testing a project done in SKP, I use the connector to send the 3dmodels with textures to USD. Open a new USD and import the SKP USD as a sub layer, on the Main root layer I selected the material and change the roughness and metallic values so this change was recorded as a delta on the Main root layer. I reexported the same model and overwrite the SKP USD and reloaded the SKP layer, now the material change back to the default 0.5 for roughness and 0 for metallic values and was not affected by the delta values changes in the root layer.

I found out that with every reexport the shader have a different number attached to it therefore the delta do not affect the new import. For example in my Screenshot, I done 5 reexport from SKP (I try changing the checkbox options every export to see if there is a way past this ) and everytime I change the values the delta does record for the current shader number(Shaders12978 for example) but due to the reexport assigning a different number shader to the file all changes done as delta are lost. I believe this is a bug as this behavior was not seen in 3dsmax connector, without this ability the current SKP workflow is destructive as a reexport will require me to do materials values changes again as the delta from the top layer have no ability to affect the bottom SKP layer after a reexport. Pls assist on fixing this bug, thank you.

Hi @DavidDPD! Wow! I am forwarding this issue over to the development team. It would help us if we could get a log of this issue happening. You can find your logs here: How to Report an issue with Omniverse

Also, some information about your computer environment would help!

  • Operating System
  • GPU / GPU Driver

Hi @DavidDPD is it possible to get the SKP file to take a look? Exporting with SketchUp Materials is what you want to do. We can see where the problem lies and correct it.

Here is what your settings should look like … Material Mapping OFF and SketchUp Materials ON


Attached my omniverse project file and SKP file. Pls take a look, issue persist when reexported and reload into project layer in Create. Thank you. (61.6 KB)

Testexport.skp (150.8 KB)

Hi, any update on this issue ? Thank you.

Hi @bharrison ,

Installed and tested the new SKP connector 108.1.552 and this issue still persist which makes working in SKP to omniverse iterative workflow not possible as any changes to materials settings is reset whenever there is a reexport to update scene from SKP to omniverse even thou the materials/settings have been change in the top main layer which by right should have overwrite the SKP sub layer.

I created another test scene using SKP2021 for you to test this out. This omniverse scene consist of a mainworld.usd which have the SKP sublayer(SKP_layer.usd) exported from SKP2021. I have already edited the material setting(roughness,specular and emissive values) in the mainworld layer, to repo this issue, you just have to open the skp file and do an export to overwrite the SKP_layer.usd file. Upon reloading of mainworld.usd or do an reload of SKP_layer.usd , you should observe that the cylinder brick material settings have been change to the default imported values which should not be the case as it should take the material change settings we have done in the top layer(mainworld.usd).Without this working, all the time taken to do materials settings is lost via a rexport and it is frustrating and time consuming to be doing the materials settings over and over again due to SKP layer reexport/update.

Material (367.7 KB) Omiverse project file
Material shader export bug test.skp (391.1 KB) SKP2021 file

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