Sky vs Environment discrepancy

To compute the orientation of a heliostat in a Central Solar Power, I need an accurate position of the sun at a specific date, time, and latitude and longitude. I noticed that the properties set in /Environment are not automatically transferred to /Environment/sky.
When I set properties in /Environment ( and step one frame ) I visually see the changes. That is not the case when I make changes to the /Environment/sky. Should I disregard the /Environment/sky properties (like latitude, longitude, time of day, etc)?

Hello there @zambetti1.

Could you please specify a bit about what tool or Engine you are talking in this context?


Sorry about that. It’s in Create.

No problem zambetti1. I assume you mean Omniverse Create?

I provisionally move your question over to the dedicated Omniverse forums where I am sure you will get an answer more quickly.