Skybuck's CUDA RAM Test 0.14 available


Skybuck’s CUDA RAM Test version 0.14 is now available:


  • It now uses CUDA 4.0 Driver API
  • It has calculate optimal dimension support for compute capability 3.x

CUDA >= 4.0 Driver API seems to run twice as slow as CUDA <= 3.1 Driver API which is kinda strange.

Maybe CUDA 4.0 is still being debugged or contains debug code or maybe it’s just less optimized somehow.

Anyway it would be interesting if somebody could run this on the new GTX 690 or 680 and report some numbers/text outputs that would be cool !

Other GPU reports welcome too !


Hi Skybuck,

I am interesting in your tool.

You mean CUDA >= 4.0 drive API runs slow than CUDA < 3.1? This means you have run your tool on 5.0? Or not?

Best regards!