Slackware current 64 bit fresh installation, black screen on startx

I’ve installed a slack 64 bit current and installed nvidia drivers. When I launch the startx command, I’ve a blank screen with a cursor on the upeer left corner. No errors on Xorg logs. In attachment the nvidia debug.

Please help me!

Thanks a lot

nvidia-bug-report.log (271 KB)

Are you trying to use the iGPU and the nvidia card at the same time?

My syste says I’ve two graphic cards… an nvidia and an intel. Xorg.conf configured them with appropriate drivers…

in attachment my xorg.conf and the startx log!
Please help!!! :-)
start.log (44 KB)
xorg.conf.log (4.83 KB)

I didn’t ask what your system says. I ask what you want.

Basically you can’t use the iGPU and the nvidia card at the same time. You probably need to disable it in UEFI setting, or at least make the nvidia card the preferred one.

If that has already been done and you still see the iGPU in lspci, then you probably need to blacklist i915 yourself and uninstall xf86-video-intel (actually you better not install any xf86-video-*)

Do not use the garbage xorg conf generated by nvidia-xconfig. Probably shouldn’t have run it and should rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf now.

Btw I am assuming this is not a laptop. For a laptop this can be a whole new story.

It’s a laptop!!! I would like to use nvidia drivers… the laptop is an hp Envy nl100n. Now I’m going to uninstall all xf86-video-*. I’ll let you know.

removed all packages and removed xorg.conf: no devices detected…

For an laptop with optimus graphics there’s chance you cannot use the nvidia card directly in Linux. Either seek to Bumblebee or try disabling the iGPU in UEFI (if no option there then no).

And without nvidia graphics? How can I startup X graphics? I have no settings in bios…

uninstall the nvidia driver and install xf86-video-intel back