Sleep/resume not work in experimental ACPI firmware?


My platform is NX dev kit.

I follow this:
and take it a try:

  • replace bootloader from cboot to uefi
  • prepare kernel 5.12 and patch with pcie for acpi
  • flash using config jetson-xavier-nx-uefi-acpi-sd

Finally, i seems like it could run with enabled pcie and acpi.
I could also cross compile my wifi driver for it and do the connection normally.
But, it seems not able to resume from sleep.

  • go to sleep: echo mem > /sys/power/state
  • I try to press power button and nothing happened.

Thank you.


How about directly try rel-34/jetpack5.0.1? It is already moving to UEFI by default.

What you posted is just experiment patch. Thus we suggest to validate your issue on official release.


I has tried for rel34.1 and it could boot via uefi with its kernel 5.10.
But i see no ACPI feature.

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