Sleeping monitor not awaking after Ubuntu resume from suspend

Hey all. I have a new ASUS VP28U monitor connected via HDMI cable and it is not waking from sleep and connecting after Ubuntu is resumed from sleep. This monitor has no power button. so I cannot turn it on manually. I am using nvidia 470 driver and have an RTX 3060 card.

Similarly, this monitor does not come on if I plug it in after Ubuntu is already booted and ready.

My previous monitor did not have this problem, running on on the same nvidia driver 470.

It seems there is something where the driver/OS may not be waiting long enough for the monitor to wake up to determine that there is a monitor attached.

Is there any known fix for this issue? I did not find anything in the forums except for possible dropping down to version 450. I have not tried that yet. Thank you.

UPDATE: I switched from HDMI to DisplayPort 1.4 cable and the problem went away. Not sure why…

Side bonus of using DisplayPort is that I was able to enable GSYNC as well!