SLI GPU's & Niagara: combining GPU processing power (2 or more GPU's) for Niagara particles

Is anyone able to confirm a definitive answer to this question:
When specifically using Niagara (with multiple particle systems) in a single scene, is Niagara able to make use of the combined (processing power) of 2 or more GPU’s when SLI enabled. That is, with the SLI enabled combined processing power of 2 or more GPU’s, is Niagara enabled to calculate larger numbers of particles spawned into motion, with FPS rates subsequently maintained at higher bandwidth rates?

Granted, if this was one emitter only, no.
But with multiple emitters… is there a way or could there be a way, for the SLI driver to allocate different particle systems to be processed across multiple GPU’s - similar to AFR and SFR distributions?

Hello @wayne21 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

NVIDIA does not have much insight into the implementation of Niagara, but maybe some other developers here have some information on the topic?

Other wise you might want to ask this question on the Unreal forums as well.