Sliders and numeric input issue

Is the current inconsistent behaviour on sliders accepting numeric input deliberate or a just a temp UI ‘flaw/bug’?

E.g. on the path traced fog panel (just one example) some of the attribute sliders accept arbitrary numeric input but some don’t - and annoyingly those are the ones that really need it, as viable ranges are often outside of the granular range offered by the slider UI (e.g. density - you might need a value of say 0.0001 for realistic atmosphere like effects but the slider only goes to 0.01 which is still way too much)

I can see why the UI might want to limit max/min ranges on certain attributes but that shouldn’t stop the user from being able to input a value numerically (this was my guess as to why certain sliders don’t seem to allow this)

If I load up the iceland landscape example from the Nvidia folder, simple fog is even setup at 0.0001 density in the USD file, but changing that using the UI means suddenly 0.01 is the lowest it will go to (and ruining the effect)

Try ctrl+left_click on the parameter you want to modify.

ahhh - awesome thanks :)

any reason double clicking doesn’t work for those ones?

I’m guessing we already have a feature request or bug filed for that, but we’ll check and get back to you.