Sliding textures on animated points/prims


I tried putting an albedo map on distorting meshes/textures, but the texture seems to slide and not stick. I enabled uvw coordinates and made sure I was not in world space, but still the same issue. Normally I would transfer my animations with the colors done elsewhere, but point displayColor can’t be read in pathtracing. Is there any way to make the texture stick to distorting meshes/points or is there a way to get point color to be read? Thank you.

Hello @jimmaybones! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance. It may help to have your USD file to troubleshoot. You can attach it here or email me at:

@jimmaybones displayColor should be able to be read if you are using the Primvar Lookup color node in the MDL Graph.

Hi @WendyGram , thank you the prompt response!

Hi @MichaelJohnson , displayColor works well on primitives, but on points it does not work. What’s interesting is that I can see the point color when I switch to Pixar Storm. Any ideas? Thanks!