Slow Jetson TK1 after installing Custom Kernel The Grinch 19.3.8

Hello everybody.

I had a Jetson with the L4T R19. Then, I decided to move to the L4T R21.2. However I had several troubles installing OpenCV, and some programs did not compile. I decided to go back to the L4T R19 with the custom kernel The Grinch 19.3.8. Everything was working fine until I ran some programs, my surprise was that some of them were working very slow (even with the GPU). In my previous L4T the HOG detector was working up to 25FPS at certain resolution. Nevertheless, right now I’m having an embarrassing speed up to 8FPS! How this could have happened? I wanna really install the new L4T R21.x or the L4T R19 with the custom Kernel (I need WiFi, I can’t have a cord anymore attached to my Jetson, we are in a new era, let’s move on!). Any clues about my problem? Any hint? Could I have missed something?

Thanks in advance folks!

Are you sure the nVidia binaries are in place? The output of “head -n1 /etc/nv_tegra_release” should be the binary version and should correspond to the L4T release version. The output of “sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release” should give “OK” for all file checksums.

Got it running well. I was messing up with the Kernel, thank you for your help.