Slow SD card access speed (read+write) with Jetson Nano production module

This sounds a known issue. Please refer to below

Next release would have this patch.

Actually, when you hit any new issue, you should file a new topic instead of reopen the old issue.

Hi WayneWWW,

I moved the discussion to a new topic: Jetson Nano SD card enters back to high speed mode instead of uhs mode after soft reboot. The solution provided above does not solve the issue. Basically it is for a different issue - the person loses his dtb changes on a reboot, which is not the same in my case. In my case the SD card switches to a low(er) speed mode (details in the next forum) on soft reboot and it is a coincidence that the speed it switches to are the same as before my dtb changes, hence the confusion. I can always get back to the high speed mode (as intended by the dtb changes) by a hard reboot, and I have no clue why this behaviour is different in both the reboot cases.

Besides, the changes in patch provided in the link in the answer above is already present in the the L4T sources (32.2) I have.

Updated another patch for similar speed issue we just resolved in your new post . Please take a look.


Hi @WayneWWW ,
Sorry for bothering,
I am using jetsonNX devkit and facing same issue.
Can you help me clarify my confusion?
What is dtsi file? and where is it located?
Also, This is files located in /boot

Thank you

Please file a new topic and share details about your board and what is yor current understanding about this issue.

Hi @WayneWWW ,
I created new topic, help me check it.
I really appreciate your help.