Sluggish graphics in Cinnamon 14 with nVidia 8700m

Hi folks,
I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m running Linux Mint Cinnamon (14) and experiencing very sluggish graphics some of the time (details below). Here are my system specs:

Make: Dell XPS M1730

Graphics: twin GeForce 8700m GT cards

Symptom: Sluggish graphics on everything. Videos are unwatchable - play about 2 frames/sec. Similar behavior on desktop graphics as well. While dragging a window quickly in circles, all that is visible is the window skipping around like it’s trying to catch up to the mouse.

Interesting observation: While preparing to post to this forum, I ran the command “startx – -logverbose 6” as directed, in order to run the program. After logging back out of root, and upon returning to my user level desktop environment, the graphics had returned to normal. They remained normal until my next boot, and then became sluggish again. So I am back to post.

In an attempt to capture as much information as possible, I first ran under my normal user account (while the graphics were sluggish), then I ran it a second time after logging in as root with “startx – -logverbose 6”, and finally, once more after returning to my normal account where the graphics had corrected themselves.

I don’t see a link to post attachments, but will try again after creating my topic. I intend to attach the three nVidia logs, and two Xorg.log files that I found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Here are links to the files mentioned above: