SLVS-EC Camera Bringup on Xavier AGX

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TL;DR: We are looking for help bringing up the SLVS-EC camera interface on the Xavier AGX. Advice welcome!

We are working to bring up an SLVS-EC camera using the Jetson Xavier AGX development kit labeled p2972. We are working from these references, among others:

We are working on code from the l4t-r32.4.2-4.9 branch:

  • drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera/slvs/slvs.c
  • drivers/media/spi/imx204.c
  • drivers/video/tegra/host/slvsec/slvsec.c

We’ve flashed the xavier using the jetson-xavier-slvs-ec board designation. We’ve configured the xavier for verbose kernel logging and we see these modules come up during boot. We have sprinkled the code with additional information statements such that we think we understand the SLVS and IMX204 module execution and what they are trying to do.

We are monitoring electrical signals on the XVS and XHS lines of the PCIe X16 connector and we are not seeing any activity. Nor are we seeing instances of /dev/video or other indicators that a camera interface is running. We have noted some inconsistencies in register maps between the code and the TRM for the vi and the slvsec modules but have been unable to resolve them successfully. So far, we send our bits into the Xavier black box and we receive no response, even with read backs.

Can anyone recommend a path towards initializing the SLVS-EC engine such that we can detect signals on the XVS and SHS lines? We can work through device-tree or through a hard-coded, stand alone kernel module, whichever path is easiest to navigate. The first step of bootstrapping is often the hardest, and your help is appreciated.


We are trying verify the slvs-ec with reference board but due to current WFH any not able done it soon.

Thanks, @ShaneCCC. I have a related thread here: Setting NVHS_PLL clock frequency, where I am also working this problem.

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Not sure if you are still looking in to the SLVS-EC topic…thought this announcement will be of an interest: