SLVS-EC, ISP and other issues

Where can we find a proper documentation to the SLVC-EC video input in terms of both the hardware and software?

Is the ISP software again a black box full of bugs? Do we finally get 12 bit and 444 when you say “advanced signal processing” in the module datasheet? There is not a word about the capabilities of the ISP anywhere - shall we assume that it again does not work as expected and you ashamed of it?

Releasing documentation after people buy this expensive hardware, and then figuring out it is unusable is a very bad practice. It happened with every NV embedded product so far. Come on, we want to use this in a product, not to put it on the shelf of broken promises.

Hi danieel, see section 1.4 of the Jetson Xavier Module Data Sheet for information about CSI, VI, and ISP including the supported camera formats (§1.4.1). There are more Xavier docs coming soon.

Initial camera sw support will focus on CSI x16, and SLVS-EC will be enabled in a future release. Developers who want to get their hands on Jetson Xavier right away and start prototyping their applications using initial sw that will mature over time can participate in the early-access pre-order.

Partners from the Jetson Ecosystem can also help with camera integration, including companies from the following categories:

Those are MIPI CSI formats, which would be naturally RAW12 or RAW14 for an image sensor type source. The current TX2 ISP creates a very poor (entry level) image that has a heavy colour subsampling - 4:2:0, and also it is only 8 bit, which is unusable to represent HDR data. Today consumer camera equipment is well capable of 4:2:2 colors in 10 bit, while the truly professional equipment is around 4:4:4 at 12 bit.

I have sitting my 8ch SLVS-EC sensor here for a month on my desk, awaiting input on how to interface it to this Xavier system. For the passing time, we could have designed a sensor carrier board, interfacing to the X module, writer drivers, etc… we do not need hardware for that - just documentation. And there is none for this type of sensor. It makes no sense to pre-order a device that does not have a solid support.

Those 3rd party companies are not willing to share any knowledge on interfacing, they provide either a service or want to sell their hardware. Why would they - we are their competitors. After some discussions with few of them we found out that they are really unable to do more that we can - for the same reasons - lack of documentation and no access to essential codebases.

When SLVS-EC is enabled, how many SONY sensors can be connected ?

Only can support one SLVS-EC interface sensor.
You can reference to the “tegra194-camera-e3377-a00.dtsi” for the imx204 slvs-ec sensor.

Hi, any news about the SLVS-EC support? Is it working or is there any date available? Thanks

Hi Rakmac, the engineering work to add SLVS-EC support is ongoing, at this time we are unable to share a timeline for it’s release.

Thanks for your patience with the update.


Where can I find this reference “tegra194-camera-e3377-a00.dtsi” for imx204 sensor? Thanks.

Have a check below path.

Hi, where can I get IMX204 evaluation kits, I noticed you’ve qualified IMX204 at 60 frames per second.

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You may consult with camera scaling partner.

Since Nvidia has validated IMX204 with SLVS-EC, could you recommend a Camera Scaling Partner ?

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you may refer to,
please contact with Jetson Preferred Partners directly for your camera solutions.

Is there a reference design for the imx204 integration? Is it to the Xavier devkit via PCIe? Is the camera module custom as well?

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you may check the lists of cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.

There is no SLVS-EC offering, at all, that integrates with Xavier from any of your partners. Does it even work? Is anybody working on it? Is anyone successfully using it? There is no hint of usage or success in the forums at this point, hence my question.

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it seems you had also update Topic 75517 about SLVS-EC.
you may refer to below for slvs-ec reference drivers and device tree,

in addition, you should flash the board with configuration file to configure UPHY properly , i.e. jetson-xavier-slvs-ec.conf

we had only validate slvs-ec with IMX204 internally,
please contact with Jetson Preferred Partners directly about your request,

Hello @danieel & @michaelbdevine,

This recent announcement about the SLVS-EC interface may be useful if you are still interested in this interface: