Small gaming grid


I was wondering if this is possible:

I´m planning to build a online cloud battlefield 4 server.

Lets say that this server will host up to 64 players.

All this players will be playing in 1920x1080 with the graphics set to ultra.

my doubt is what hardware is recommended for doing that?

I´m guessing are that if a pc with an nvidia 770 performs this game in 60 fps and the 770 has the half (aprox) ammount of memory/clock rate… it´s to assume i might need 27…30 K520 vga.

I might be wrong but thats what i´m understanding for now.

would i need like a hp server with 10 K520? 3 servers hp with 10 K520? or something like that is what i´m wanting to know.


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Note: the hardware that i’m asking is for the cloud grid.

Somebody? I really need to know this. I´m about to buy a server and i need to know how would perform. Thanks!

The response on the forums and through email from nVidia is very slow. They don’t seem to have a dedicated team to support this, I’ve had several slow endeavors dealing with nVidia. You just have to wait to see if they’ll respond. It’s very surprising considering this is a new market for them; I would have expected them to be more responsive with building a good relationship with clientele online, I can only assume that we’re all too small business for them - it looks like nVidia GRID is aimed towards large corporations only, I find their justification for the uses of GRID don’t quite match up to their target audience though so unless they put more effort into understanding the true scope of their potential market people like me and you are just going to remained ignored. Sorry that I couldn’t have been any actual help though - I’ve tried to get information from them myself.

Thanks a lot Jamiolee for taking your time to answer me. I guess i´ll be waiting for nvidia to answer my question. Sad fact is that i might be willing to spend some serious money but well… i´ll be waiting till then.

it’s a little more involved than a simple comparison to the GeForce cards, and you’ll also need to consider the effort required working with the SDK too.

Have you taken a look at the GRID Gaming SDK to see what’s involved in developing the GRID based solution?

You may want to look whether some of the existing solutions from partners such as Otoy or Scalable would offer you what you need instead of building and hosting an standalone solution?

Thanks for your answer Jason.

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No problem.

You also have to consider that although the GPU in the K520 is comparable with the K770 there are other factors that will affect the FPS which are introduced by virtualisation and remoting.

Whilst 60fps is absolutely possible in the VM, you then have to stream that down to the end users client and at this point the network (particularly WAN), encode / decode speed etc will come into play. So I’d set expectations around 30fps at the client and work up from there based on network, client etc.