Small stereo camera that works with TX1?

I’ve used the Intel Realsense R200 and Leap Motion cameras before but they both don’t work with the TX1, to my knowledge.

Does anyone have suggestions for another camera that’ll work with the TX1 carrier board?


Recently Intel released librealsense, which is a cross platform SDK for accessing the Realsense cameras. There are a few tweaks that need to be made to get it to work on the Jetsons, but not too bad. There are still some issues, but people are working on getting them fixed.

I don’t quite know what your requirements are, but the Stereolabs ZED camera may meet your needs.
There’s also the Structure sensor from Occipital if you only need depth information.
You may also want to check out the DDK-LV1 CL DUO Developer Kit. It works on the TK1, but I haven’t heard anything about it on the TX1.

I can confirm Stereolabs’ ZED works with the TX1 and works well. Can’t attest for the SDK however.

Awesome, thanks guys! I didn’t realize that librealsense is workable on the TX1, but I’ll take a look at that kangalow! I also purchased a DUO MLX a few days ago, so I’ll check that out and post here if I’m able to get it working on the TX1.

Thanks again.

Hello pkshah, I am venturing down the same path. I have a Jetson TX1, a Kinect v2, a ZED, a Duo MLX and will be receiving a Realsense R200 soon…

I have only had the Jetson a few days and am working through the quirks but so far:

ZED worked like a breeze! Their documentation and setup leads you all the way to a working depth displayed. 1080P at 10FPS.

The default Duo documentation does not work… but am working through fixing it now.

Have not tried the Kinect yet (I know, not stereo, but maybe of interest).

Issues I have had: running openGL / cuda programs with no screen plugged into the Jetson is tricky and varied. See my answer to a TK1 post:

I’ll be interested in your progress and will keep you posted!

We have just completed the support for DUO MLX on Jetson TX1. The official release with detailed instructions will be posted in the next few days.