Smart Contact Colab / 3D Vision Revival + Revolutionize the Arcade

Will lead with this:

I would hope that you could collaborate with these individuals and a monitor manufacturer as well, to create a very large curved 3D monitor equipped with drivers to provide similar effects of the Nvidia 3D vision glasses+monitor combo.

I can envision using the combination of webcams embedded in the monitor with eye tracking software in compliment with “Smart contacts” to control panning the camera / the players FoV and gloves to control other misc or vital UI.

We should be very close to minority report level of interface you’d think - it’s 2k21 after all.

Hopefully, people at your organization have thought of this already and have it “in the works” as they say. This certainly can be proof / reassurance that the consumer market is prepared/ready for these type of advances.

Another thought I have had is to have a vital signs registry at Gamestop for players to get an accurate sense for their starting RPG stats and sports games (Be A Pro) mode initial player diagnostics/tutorials they have you go through.
Pay a small fee to use the machines at the store and have the results uploaded to your client/account etc and put them into the game(s).

Also would like to see Gamestop or SOMEBODY revisit the concept of the arcade, make it a virtual landscape. Like a storage unit complex, each unit lined with screens or projection/hologram technology, headgear, teflon motion capture shoes, harnessed / suspended over small trampoline. Something that the players rent out and can play/connect to other similar gaming facilities around the world.

Imagine what a boon it’d be for the gaming / eSports industry, could also serve to crackdown on cheating too, having restricted access of the machinery/servers, no capabilities for people to load up their aimbots/maphacks etc.

Really ought to put the Korean PC Bongs to shame, with “Modern American Gaming Arcade”!

C’mon now, take a risk, please!

I’m sure you’ll all be greatly rewarded, especially if the program developers / game creators can step up and knock it out of the park with solid immersion titles/installments from the CoD, Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear Solid, franchises just to name a few.

If you all want to do me a special favor - pull for them (Blizzard / Activision) to reboot, Diablo one in VR/MR or the revolutionary “enhanced reality/immersion chamber home theater/gaming system/experience”.

In the age of the soup’d up reclining gaming chairs, I think the deluxe curved 3D monitor should be hung from a dentistry arm type rig, asto hoist it over the player whilst in the reclining position, even develop the chairs a step further with the hydrolic immersion technology, like the military grade simulation setups as well but for the typical gamer.

Especially useful for the racing games space flight/fighter games etc.