Smart Face Shield with Jetson Nano


I made a face shield deployment system using:
-Jetson Nano 2GB
-2 sg90 servos
-PCA9685 servo driver
-A face shield
-A 3D printer to create a custom face shield frame

Thanks to the Jetson Community and other developers I could create a simple program. The current version of the code is tested and works alright for a short run (did not use it outside my garden).

Thank you for your attention, you read until here :)

Code for the project: GitHub - 3DPJamie/SmartFaceShield

YouTube Video of the project: Smart Face Shield with A.I. ! - YouTube


Very cool! Good job! You have used SSD-MobileNet’s detector, probably you can use Human Pose Estimation and improve the accuracy. We have done some works and open-sourced them, check our the blog post from here: Pose estimation on NVIDIA Jetson platforms using OpenPifPaf

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you for your kind message! I used SSD-MobileNet’s detector since I only have knowledge on that :)
I will have a look at your suggestion and see if I can implement it. I think it will fit my the next project perfectly, thanks for the tip!


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