Smart Record Records for Longer than Specified Duration

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Smart Record Bug

We are using smart record to record video clips from RTSP streams. The smart record is configured for four discrete RTSP streams, the snippet from the config files is included below:

[source-0] (and for 1,2, and 3)
enable = 1
type = 4
uri = rtsp://
gpu-id = 0
cudadec-memtype = 0
camera-id = 0
rtsp-reconnect-interval-sec = 5
smart-record = 1
smart-rec-dir-path =
smart-rec-file-prefix = cam-0
smart-rec-video-cache = 11
smart-rec-container = 0
smart-rec-start-time = 7
smart-rec-default-duration = 8
smart-rec-duration = 4

The trigger to begin Smart Record is as follows:

guint startTime = appCtx->config.multi_source_config[camera_id].smart_rec_start_time;
guint duration = appCtx->config.multi_source_config[camera_id].smart_rec_duration;

NvDsSRStart(recorder_ctx, &sessId, startTime, duration, userData)

This call records correctly most of the time - videos are recorded of about 9-10 seconds long (4+7 seconds minus time to find an I-frame), some videos are recorded which are much longer. Longest recorded was 16 minutes 41 seconds.

Is there a reason why the Smart Record would not stop once the duration is reached ?

I have the exact same issue. Most (98% +) of my recordings are within my specified duration of 10s however, there are some that are several minutes long. For this I have found that calling the NvdsStop() function myself after 10s is the only solution.

Tagging some Nvidia accounts: @DaneLLL , has this been observed before ? Is there any fix for this issue ?

We have a sample demonstrating smart recording:


Could you check if you can reproduce the issue by running the sample? If yes, please share us the step so that we can check and try.

Hi DaneLLL,

We will check with the sample and share our findings.

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