SN2010 Ethernet not working, but Fiber is...

Looking for any thoughts or known issues here. Over the weekend it seems our 1U SN2010 switch stopped pushing out signal through the ethernet connections. The lights do not light up. We have 4 ethernet cables connected through sfps, and 10 fiber cables connected through sfps. The fiber cables are lit up green and work as normal, sending data to the connected computers.

Is there a way to fix this? I tried switching ethernet cables - unseating the ethernet sfps for a few minutes - moving sfp and ethernet to a unused port on the Mellanox, turning off the Mellanox for a few minutes and turning back on, and a few other things and think it may be a Mellanox issue.

Hi Beynon,

Can you please open a support case by sending an email to

We will need to investigate this further