SN2010 Layer 2 QoS for Vlan

I might be overthinking this and if so let me know.

I have a pair of SN2010m switches that will be operating as a Layer 2 aggregation. Migrating from a pair of HPE 5710’s. All IDFs connect to these plus data center servers, ESXi infrastructure & iSCSI storage.

The client has a voice vlan that on all other switches is put into Traffic Class 6. What I can’t understand is how to configure QoS on the SN2010m’s to put this vlan into a traffic class.

The documentation shows applying QoS at the ethernet port and assumes an untagged vlan incoming but this doesn’t help. All the voice vlan traffic traversing through it will be a tagged vlan.

Is there a way to classify this vlan and put it in traffic class 6 when it comes through the switch strictly as a tagged vlan?

You should be able to do this by MAC ACL to match on vlan-id and set the Traffic Class or Switch Priority accordingly. Please take a look at the following:
For Onyx:

For Cumulus Linux:

Ideally QoS marking is be done at source and we can just “trust” the ingress port, which should map to the right Switch Priority.

Hope this helps.